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2016 and beyond.. from the CEO’s desk

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2016 and beyond.. from the CEO’s desk

With 2015 behind us, I want to take this opportunity
to send out a Thank You to the team, the partners, friends and family of U2opia
Mobile, while I wish them the best for the new year!

2015 has been an exciting year for us at U2opia Mobile. From growing
the team size to launching new solutions, 2015 has shaped us in an inspiring
way and laid the ground for exciting growth in 2016!

The experiences and challenges we tackled together
made for an unforgettable experience this past year and we are looking forward
to doing it all over again in 2016.

With hopes in our heart and promises in our mind, here’s
what 2016 is going to be about..

To the

You all run the ship, day in and day out and 2016
has a lot to offer each one of you.

Each new day presents an exciting new opportunity
or challenge and there is nothing insurmountable to you as a unit. As one of
the most efficient and effective teams of professionals around, there are no
doubts that our company will continue to flourish through 2016 and beyond.
Thank you for the hard work, new ideas and unrelenting dedication and
determination to seeing us succeed.

As we move on to explore more territories and
spread U2opia Mobile’s presence into more geographies, we also look forward to
moving into our new office in January. The office depicts our philosophy of employees
first, our faith in team work and having fun as a team.

With a 4000 sqft Recreation area and a 100 seater
Cafeteria, it proves our team is always a priority.

2016 will also the launch and implementation of new solutions that are going to reiterate our leadership and make you feel proud to be a part of the team at U2opia Mobile!

To the

Every new account, new project or new development within our
company is tied to one of you in one way or another. Your partnership has been
monumental to our growth. Knowing that we have partners available to support
our business needs in the most professional manner at all times is extremely
assuring for each of us. Thank you to each of you for your continued support as
we look to take this new year on by the horns together again.

Our core service has been strong and proven itself over the last
five years and 2016 will prove that we can scale our business by making our
solutions available to the world as a new distribution channel and ensure
connectivity, enrich experiences and excite users all across the globe!

Also, the launch of Sponsored data solutions has opened a new wave
of growth and U2opia Mobile plans to ride the wave and conquer a new summit! We
are committed to giving users the experiences they don’t know they can get.

Our future is here and now.

To 2016..

We continue to be driven by passion, diligence and innovation! We continue
to explore new ideas, try them and move on if it they not make business sense.
Our innovations large or small will continue unabated, making U2opia Mobile an
employee’s choice of work!

On this note, I wish each U2opian a great 2016 and welcome them to enjoy the
ride ahead, with good fortune, happiness and prosperity along the way!

Sandeep Ganguly


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