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Be Motivated. Stay Happy.

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Its been a year since I became part of the U2opia family. The reasons for joining were many, but when I look back I think I know why.  U2opia is a young organisation, the team is highly motivated and they were trying to create a new niche in the Industry.  What could be more exciting in life?  It was a great opportunity to lead such a team and prove to myself I can be a significant contributor to U2opia.

My professional experience has always been
gratifying when I have joined a small and growing organisation. If you see my
career, I have never settled for a known and comfortable job.  I have always leapt at a challenge and
figured out how to swim.

This approach has its drawbacks. Trying out
new projects means facing failures, it means being consumed by work all the
time 24×7, it means sacrificing family time and lot more.  But the advantages are too many. The learning
curve is steep, you get a high on success which cannot be explained or
described in words and I am able to respect myself for what I am.  End of the day I am “Happy” and carry no regrets.
It’s important to realize this. Nobody is perfect – and quite frankly, I
wouldn’t want to be. Imperfections is perfect and it equips us to be resilient
for whatever life throws at us.

I have some thoughts about how I achieve my overall
happiness. I have four Mantras to Happiness: My faith, my family, my health and my work.

On a stressful day I like to unwind with family. My strength is my Wife and my motivation is watching my 9
year old daughter’s learning curve and inquisitive questions about everyday
life we take for granted.

My health, I ensure I give 100% to any project I undertake. We ignore it
when we are young, don’t it’s a very important part of a successful life.

My work provides the daily challenges keeping me sharp and edgy.

My Faith in god, at the personal front, and faith in my team, at the
professional end, keeps me going with the belief that no challenge is
impossible to overcome.

My advice for a day that seems tough to go
through – be it failure when setting up a business or a tough decision to take
at work – is to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, don’t let your ego get
the better of you, recognize what went wrong, and learn from your experience.
Remember “This too shall pass!”

Failure or
hard times are often a blessing in disguise. As per George Bernard Shaw, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating

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