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Making of the perfect mentor..

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Shaping your career. Giving you guidance. Helping
you achieve success. Becoming a better human being. Making you differentiate
right from wrong. There is so much a teacher does for you.

A teacher could wear many hats, be it that of a
parent, student, a colleague or even a junior team mate, a teacher can be found
just anywhere and in anyone! Shaping our minds, pushing us to attain goals,
extend our boundaries, a teacher carves a niche in our minds and heart,
inspiring us forever!

But after all they do for you, sometimes it is hard
to find the right words to thank a teacher.

Rightly put
by William Arthur Ward, “The
mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher
demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

While we
continue to be thankful to our teachers from school and college, this time on
the occasion of teacher’s day, leaders in U2opia mobile show gratitude to a
team member or a colleague that inspired them in many ways and make them the
leaders that they are!

leaders are our mentors today. They lead by example, they give exemplary
guidance and are made of experience and lesson they learn from people around

encapsulate their experiences of learning from younger team members or colleagues
who taught them something that helped them grow as a personally or professionally.

This is our
way to say a big Thank You to anyone who has been an inspiration.

One day, on
a business trip with a younger team member, Sumesh Menon, was asked a simple question, ‘you seem to know everything about the business, why don’t you do
something of your own?’ 
question did not just set Sumesh thinking about the possibilities of starting
his own venture but made him realize a potential that he had probably not
realized in his full capacity and was actually seen by a junior team member!


With a lot
of thinking, weighing possibilities and gathering the gumption to enter
uncharted territory of an entrepreneur, Sumesh seized an opportunity. Today he
is founder of U2opia mobile and a role model to few hundreds. Now, looking back
in time, he captures his journey in a saying by Stephen Richards,
‘Know you will win and you will win!’

Going back
to the early days of his career where he was driven by raw passion and
enthusiasm, Ankit Nautiyal,
Co-founder, U2opia mobile, recalls an incident where he faced reluctance in getting
support from his supervisor. The supervisor often held him responsible for any delays
in delivery of a project and Ankit was extremely disappointed.

Feeling low
and disappointed, one evening a simple conversation with a younger team member
turned out to be an eye opener for Ankit! ‘A lot of the circumstances around us – the
support we garner, the opposition we encounter and our successes – depend on
the attitude we carry, whether we go in win over or whether we go in expecting
conversation did not just make Ankit realize that he may need to change his own
approach but also made him change his outlook for life!

A simple
suggestion, a eureka moment and Ankit became a firm believer in how David
Bailey says it A positive attitude can really make dreams come
true – it did for me.’

Sandeep Ganguly, CEO, U2opia Mobile, reminisces an incident
where in his early days as a leader, a subordinate from the team he led
showcased great understanding of what is required of his role and showed
perseverance to ensure the team collectively reached the common goal, under a
high pressure situation. Sandeep recalls an incident, while trying to get a
solution ready, that actually led him to wonder what he really wanted to
achieve and he asked himself ‘do I want
to follow timelines and make sure I do as required as a team leader to deliver
a product or should I make sure the solution is complete and the customer is

A firm
believer in the saying by Ally Carter, “The older I
got, the smarter my teachers became.”
  This incident made Sandeep grow into a more
patient team member and someone who would lead by example.

Gairik Bhattacharya, Sr. Director, Business Development, U2opia
Mobile, has been inspired by a young team member’s Never say No attitude! Learning
to replace ‘cannot’ with ‘can’
, Gairik has learnt the art of time
management and the fact that hard work always pays. The new team mate has been
an example for everyone as he is still trying to learn about the technology
solutions but already been proving himself instrumental in completing critical

from his team, not only makes Gairik a better team member but also makes him a
better mentor who inspires and motives his team to deal with pressures at work. Gairik now strongly believes, one can achieve what one
wants to. Now there is no stopping or looking back for Gairik!

Saurabh Bidani, VP, Global Business Operations and
Enterprise Solutions, U2opia Mobile believes there is not end to learning
and that every individual has something to teach. Saurabh looks forward to
interact different people to be able to understand how different people deal
with a situation.

joined U2opia mobile a few years ago and was not just adjusting to a new workplace
but also trying to unlearn his western ways. The HR team in U2opia mobile helped
him in ways to deal with people internally in the organization. He learnt ways
on how to get work done from his team and also ensure his team was always by
his side to bail him out of a situation he was stuck in! From simple chocolates
to working long hours with the team, Saurabh went the extra mile. Today he
thanks the HR team and summarizes his experience by a famous saying by Nicholas
Sparks, “They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton
even when you don’t know it”

The best
ingredients for the making of a good leader come from young team members
, strongly believes Pranav Vashishtha, Director Engineering, U2opia mobile. As a
leader, Pranav feels dependent on his team for his constant evolution and
growth, both personally and professionally. Remembering one incident that
proves this, is when a young team member taught him the importance of taking
take time out from himself. During a high stress period, Pranav found a team
member busy in meetings daily at a particular timeslot, every day. When
questioned what the meeting was about, the team member explained the time was
booked to ensure he had lunch and did not have to skip the meal as the project
at hand did not allow him to eat in the past few days. This incident taught
Pranav the importance of taking time out for one’s self and he ensured neither
he nor any team member skipped lunch due to work!



When we are
kids, or we are young and wild, or old. We don’t realize our life teaches us so
much on a day to day basis.We learn
lessons that go beyond books, we learn lessons that stay with us for life.

This is our
way to thank all those people who have been a part of our lives and created a
positive impact, ensuring we get inspired, stay inspired and inspire people
around us to be what they cant see!

For all that your mentors do, take this moment to say thanks.

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