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Nurturing the soul of an organisation

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skill matrix

‘Leaders aren’t born. They are made.’ – Vince Lombardi

Employees are regarded as the company’s greatest asset. However, in the current era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, their role has assumed paramount importance, and their development has become almost central to the success of any organization. It is, perhaps, one of the secret recipes of high performing companies. In the current scenario, the only way to remain ahead of others is to stand for continuous learning and its application, and organizations are seen investing time to hone the skills of their workforce to deliver better results, thereby also engaging them.

However, transforming employees into experts and leaders isn’t a task that can be performed overnight. It takes time, sometimes a lot of it. Why not, start now!

At U2opia Mobile, we too believe in educating our employee base, enabling them to move up the ladder of success. Although employees are hired with a certain set of knowledge, skills and abilities, it is the company’s “corporate social responsibility” to invest in human capital.  Individuals are recruited mostly because of their right attitudes, and then trained for appropriate skills. Knowledge is certainly an asset, but it can still be taught, imparted. What is important is definitely the go-getter attitude of the individual, pushing him/ her to go an extra mile to achieve the organizational goals.

As a part of this philosophy, the company has started an unique initiative ‘Skill Matrix’. It identifies different competencies of employees required to perform various roles. A distinctive initiative in itself, the matrix defines and displays the technical and behavioural skills required by an individual at each level, and helps identify the most suitable individuals for the role. It benefits both parties, the organization as well as the employees. For the organization, it identifies the potential candidates for various roles and by enabling role canges, it also saves the time involved in assimilating a new employee. To the existing employees, the skill matrix gives a clear path to career growth in the company.

The work culture has changed over the last 10-15 years. The new generation is more involved, has bigger aspirations and want to contribute towards an organiastions growth. U2opia would like to align with the wants of its team members. We want to be known for our product innovation and also employee engagements.

We have set up an assessment centre for employees to pen down their existing technical and behavioural skills, strengths and weaknesses. The gaps are identified in sync with the current organizational needs, and training is planned accordingly. Regular training sessions go a long way in enhancing the knowledge of employees in their area of work and therefore help them in overall skill development.

The Assessment centre, along with the Skill Matrix initiative will greatly help the company explore the undiscovered potential of its employees, and train them accordingly. Though at a nascent stage, the initiative is bound to reap results in the immediate future.

U2opia’s initiative on the “Skill Matrix” program is a WIP and I hope to see it contribute to our success in retaining good talent over the years.

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