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Happy 5 and many more to come..

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It’s a Monday morning, that time of the week that is famously known for the ‘blues’.

Feeling gloomy, making
a mental list of what you’ve got to do, you greet your colleagues, who are
equally preoccupied, with just a nod… all this in a dire need of the steaming
cup of coffee in hopes of redemption from this recurring so-called torture.

Your story? Well, not ours. Not the
story of anyone at U2opia Mobile.

This month U2opia Mobile sets another
benchmark. We turn 5! From an idea of creating a social impact and connecting
people across the globe, to turning into an organization that is creating bench
marks for the industry, U2opia mobile has come a long way in its journey of 5

On this important milestone, we are
nothing less than thrilled to continue to grow. While much is transforming, our
mission to create meaningful products stays the same and this will continue to
guide everything we do.

This would have been impossible
without the biggest assets in the company – Our people.  On this occasion we encapsulate the journey of
a few team members without whose contribution this would not have been easy to
achieve. This is our way of saying a big Thank You.


Bidani, Sr. Director Global Business,

has been with U2opia Mobile almost since it started its journey. Working
closely with a diverse team and driving the USSD business, Saurabh has been a
core part of the team at U2opia Mobile. While recapping his journey, he is
pensive as says

U2opia is almost 5….I joined
when it was 1 something and with 20 odd employees. We had one vision…to connect
the last person on this planet and we are past 30 million now and still
growing…everyday we make sure people are able to reach their friend family and
loved one and share a few words…Can a day to day job get better than
this….u2opia a journey that fulfills “


Sehgal, Technical Manager, Core Business Engineering,
a techie to the core, he has bought fun and
expertise to the table. He believes to have grown manifold professionally and
personally while at U2opia mobile. He says

in U2opia has been a great learning experience from both professional &
personal point of view. U2opia’s culture has actually proved the meaning of
word Utopia i.e. “an ideal place” by giving everybody the sense of ownership to
deliver. One can easily get insight of how people in different departments in
an organization operate collectively. I feel myself lucky enough to be a
part of U2opia’s journey from a startup to a big organization because of
the ample amount of opportunities offered to work with best of the available


Tyagi, Business Development Executive, Core Business Development &
a fresher straight
out of college, driven by passion and a fire in his belly, 4 years later he
looks back at his journey and says

Well! There are companies and then a company whose name is inspired by
a rock band-U2, in itself making an ultra-cool statement and attracting me to
the epicenter of craziness. 4 years back, a small workspace, bunch of highly
abled people aspiring to conquer the world, I fell right into the mix of an
organized chaos, the unusual calmness amidst the madness from day1. At
U2opia I have learnt beyond the obvious, learnt to put a method to madness and
made friends that can be called family. But most importantly, I have learnt
that nothing is real, unless you believe in yourself and work madly towards
what you love! With an opportunity to work across teams and with different set
of minds, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally and personally,
into a wiser and smarter individual. I can never say enough or write much about
my journey at U2opia, which is sailing in an adventurous sea of exciting


Rao, Business Manager, Core Business – Business Operations,
is another member of the U2opia family who has
been a part of U2opia mobile’s evolution. When she sits down to pen down her
journey in a few words, she says it’s quite impossible for her to write about a
journey of 4 years in 4 lines, it’s been such a fun time, filled with learning!
She says

“I started off at U2opia back in
December 2011, I never felt work like “chores” as the working environment is
fun and you get to learn a lot by interacting with other teams. The best
thing I like about my office? There is a mutual respect for each other here,
and no one is above or beneath anyone. It was after coming here that I realized
that colleagues can also be friends. 

The cool part…The only day where
I caught people pouring into the office at sharp 9am, Just one of those days in
the life of a U2opia on a crucial match day (India vs Aus
2015). And
yes drinks on the company. Well play hard, we party hard and we work smart.”


U2opia Mobile has had a journey like none other and together everyone is happy
to be a part of it. It’s rare to be able to touch so many people’s lives, and the
team here aims to create a greater impact, bigger than what’s already been
made. The many years ahead would be testimony to it.

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