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From office colleagues to 3 am friends,
from reliving fond memories to saying a big thank you for just being there,
Friendship Day is the perfect occasion to let your friends know how much you
need them and how much they are loved. The day surely calls for celebrations
and enjoyment in the company of close pals and buddies!

Rightly put by Douglas Pa gels, “A friend
is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can
be”, we celebrate the day by showing you some friendships that are made at work
and are here to stay!

We speak of Nikhil Tyagi, Saurav Makkar and Aseem Malhotra. They
became friends when they first started to work in the same team but remained as
friends, in fact grew stronger as friends, even after their teams changed. Boys
of the same age group, working in the same team, they connected and clicked
more like brothers. Foodies by nature and crazy at heart, they would often meet
and discuss fitness tips over junk food!! Trips to Goa, overnight escapades and
IPL matches at Mohali are just some of the getaways the sport fanatics planned
and bonded over.

These guys go beyond being office buddies
and are there for each other when they need someone to speak to, ask about a
movie or just vent out the frustration of a long day. A constant source of fun,
just being with each other presents a support system that also brings respite
from work pressure!


Payal Khanna, another
employee at U2opia mobile has found a buddy in her boss and Charu Rajpal, Payal’s manager, has found a friend in Payal. Payal and
Charu believe in All work and no play,
makes Jack a dull boy
and true to the saying, they both ensure they have
fun while they work and spread the cheer around too!

guide, a friend, like family, a mentor, a critique…Their friendship celebrates
trust, fun, loyalty, bond, and camaraderie…every day!


“When you they’re frustrated
at the end of a long, testing day at work, when you just want to vent it all
out, it is great to have each other around. You are a friend who’s achieving
that catharsis on your behalf by doing exactly what you want to- yelling at someone
(of course, because they were in the wrong)!” Well, this is the way Taru Ahluwalia and Shikhar Singh enjoy while this strong understanding underscores their

A quick escape for a dessert; a partner
for lunch; a movie-partner, PJs, arguments laughed at, they make sense out of each
other’s Gibberish and Gibberish out of sense! Its been 11 months and they are
becoming better friends! Taru and Shikhar don’t just meet in office and discuss
work, but make sure their friendship makes working fun!


Another example of a
strong bond is the one between Harshita
Mehta and Khushbu Daga. Thanking the fun culture at U2opia mobile, they met on
the first day they joined U2opia and never knew they would defy the belief that
one does not find true friends at one’s workplace.

The best part about their friendship is
that they enjoy the many differences between them. The difference of nature,
different habits, different experiences in life and different fields of work make
them enjoy their day, while they are always learning from each other!


Well, friends are many but real ones are
just a few!

Here wishing many friends and a Happy
Friendship day to each one of you!

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