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A River Rendezvous- Trip to Rishikesh

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The annual U2opia getaway this year was to the utopia of the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh. We set off on Friday, May 8, happily looking forward to a thrilling rafting experience while wishing Happy Work Day to the few who didn’t come along.

After a six hour bus journey, and a steep downward decent in tempos that seemed to tilt over at every turn, it was finally time to check in to a splendid resort right on the river. And the wait was more than worth it.



A room with a view

The next day, the water was calling to everyone, easing them out of their hangover. Jeeps were boarded to Shivpuri, the starting point of our epic mini-adventure, gear was donned and chants were shouted. We were ready to tame the choppy waters of the Ganga.


Because what’s some liquid damage to a phone as long as you get good selfies out of it?


The lull before the storm


“It’s not a ‘V’. On my world, it means I’m Cold”

This insane amount of water was apparently not enough to quench the thirst for fun. Many seamlessly switched from the natural river body to an artificial one right beside it.


 Aaj blue hai paani

And some blessed ones with
exceptional stamina managed to trek to the nearby waterfall even after all of this.


 Waterfalls need sponsors too.

While music by the river managed to rejuvenate
the rest in no time.


Too fast too furious for an average camera’s shutter speed

And just like that, after a three day adrenalin rush, we were back on Monday at our desks to continue taking over the world.

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