Where no network

Has gone before


Fonetwish is U2opia Mobile’s proprietary USSD platform that powers access between enterprises and mobile users without the need for an internet connection on their phones. Fonetwish, with its global footprint spanning 45 countries, 81 mobile carriers and 1 billion potential users, is a virtual bridge between enterprises seeking large-scale reach for their content and the under-served mass of users in the emerging markets.


Fonetwish unlocks a wealth of value in developing countries for enterprises, enabling a two-way interaction with users without being hindered by device or geography. This brings a billion users in the emerging markets within the ambit of the global information network, thereby unlocking immense potential for the user, as much as for our enterprise and mobile carrier partners.

With the world’s best and largest mobile carriers already on board with us, along with global publishers like Facebook and Twitter, the Fonetwish platform offers robust and scalable solutions for any business seeking to tap markets across Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.