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Companies are seeing an increase in security breaches due to scammers and spammers. To decrease the potential for security issues, we need to consistently verify phone numbers at every stage of customer lifecycle – account creation, authenticating transactions, and ongoing customer engagement.

Foneverify is a mobile authentication tool which is meant for developers to verify user’s phone numbers, with one simple integration developers can verify numbers in 200+ countries & pay only for successful verifications.


Key features:

  • REST Apis are very easy to integrate with any of your existing call flows.
  • The solution works across all the platforms – Website, APPs and WAP
  • The commercial model is very simple and user friendly wherein we partner with you to share the risk & charge only for successful verifications.
  • Foneverify solution is a combination of SMS and Missed call. For example if a user does not enter the SMS OTP in 90 seconds; the system would switchover to a fall back channel to complete the verification.
  • Our presence in 200+ countries would give you immediate coverage to verify users across the world from day 1. We are adding new voice partners to expand our coverage.