About us

U2opia mobile

U2opia mobile is a mobile technology company that enables technology that drives connectivity, fuels transformation and helps companies grow and innovate.

From solutions that excites consumers by bridging the digital divide, to exploring endless possibilities of the world of data by sponsored data to offering solutions that ensure business agility in an application economy, our solutions engage a variety of customers, across generations of handsets.



Fonetwish is U2opia Mobile’s proprietary USSD platform that powers access between enterprises and mobile users without the need for an internet connection on their phones, bringing a billion users in the emerging markets within the ambit of the global information network.



Fonepass is smart platform that supports full or partial data sponsoring where publishers, carriers and advertisers can subsidize and sponsor the consumer data cost. It helps address one of the biggest challenges of graduating non-data pack users to use app-specific data packs and reduces the barrier to entry to mobile data.

Catapult Program

The program is aimed to bring together early stage start ups and independent entrepreneurial team that fit with U2opia mobile's business innovation. Under the incubation program, innovators get access to state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, ample working space, brand and marketing support, management and financial cover, along with a chance to go global!

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